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New Beauties!


Speaking of beauty,

doesn't this peer mirror look straight out of Beauty and the Beast?

Its gilded, incredibly ornate, and is a great anchor to a room or hallway.

Set up against a brick backdrop,

it creates quite a contemporary cool ambience!



This little washstand could be just what you're looking for.

Melissa found her in scraps, and refinished her with a shabby, country chic style.

A feminine green is offset by yellow/mustard handles,

and a punch of color is inside! Wallpaper lines the drawers and cabinet,

creating a super finished look.

This is one you need to check out in person!



Here's another refinished pie safe that Melissa turned into a treasure.

And check out the old tins on top!

They add so much color to a room and are amazing storage containers.

You could even use them as shnazzy trashcans!



And we have oh-so-many crates!

Vintage drink carriers that come with old typography printed on the sides.

All different colors... What more could a girl need?

Add wheels to the bottom and they're file folders,

turn them sideways and they're great for organizing tools in your garage.

Come check 'em out and get creative with the possibilities!



Christmas at Relics!



It's Chritsmas in July at Relics!

Fresh off the truck, beautiful tables and chairs to

enhance your home's personality. Vintage beautiful hardback

books to fill those empty spaces in your personal library or as one

of a kind conversation starters on your coffee table.


By the way, I'm Winnie, the new kid in the shop. I will be replacing Libby. She is leaving incredibly big shoes to fill! Hope I do a good job. I love all things unique, unusual, vintage, anitque....pretty much anything with a story attached to it. : ) Come by and we'll get lost in daydream by gazing at the beautiful pieces here in the shop and maybe you'll even go home with something that strikes your fancy!


Park's Bakery


Have you heard of Park's Bakery?

It was a local staple back in the good ole days.

This bakery safe made its way into the store.

Bring some Thomasville memorabilia into your home!

Also check out Mrs. Park's baking tools and pans while you're in the shop.


a little light, please.

Well hello, marvelous friends.
Do you see these two beautiful lights?

They're stunning. And they sparkle.
And they're all the rage.
Well guess what?

Melissa just uncovered lights similar to these
on a couple of her most recent trips...

A bunch are ready to head out the door, and others need a little shining up,
but rest assured Relics has quite a few
chandeliers, pendants, and sconces
to make your house glitter and glow.

How could Thomasville get so lucky?

images via sfgirlbybay


Hello, world.
Just thought I should let you know
I'm getting a little emotionally involved with the furniture dipping craze.
And so it seems to be the same story as for the rest of the world.

Well, lookie here!
RELICS has an adorable little "dipped" and woven
side table in store.

So trendy and priced at a steal,
this little feller won't stick around for long.
I'm pretty sure I've spent too much time dreaming about it in my home, 
but alas,
he's meant for some other reader.
Come snag him before someone else steals your chance!

And for those of you that need some convincing or a DIY tutorial,
follow the links at the bottom of this post!
Cheers to good design!

Such beautiful pieces.
Loving these neons in contrast to the natural wood grain.

1. Find me at Relics!
2. A sweet tutorial at The Sweet Beast
4. & more fancy furniture at LA CLINICA

Who will snag our table first?
tick tock.. tick tock...